How to Draw Simple Shopkins A Talking Stuffed Animal Reacts to Jazzy Puppet

Poly the Bear a talking stuffed animal learns how to draw Mandy Candy Corn the Halloween Shopkins character while watching an episode of Jazzy Puppet.

This is a funny family friendly video that will teach you how to draw a simple Shopkin called Mandy Korn. Poly the Bear is a stuffed polar bear that is a bit crass, but always well meaning. We decided to partner with Jazzy Puppet on this collaboration episode because of her constant and wonderful message to always be kind. Which we here at Happy Family Fun Time always try to tell moral stories for kids that teach the values that will make them grow into confident, competent and compassionate individuals.

A very special thank you to Jazzy Puppet for sharing this drawing experience. Please visit and subscribe to her channel here:

Falling Spider Overlay Credit: Lola Edits
Candy Corn Overlay: Carlie Schwarber

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