My Little Pony The Movie 2017 Toys R Us Haul

Join us on our My Little Pony The Movie Toys R Us Haul! After watching the My Little Pony The Movie Trailer we immediately went for a Toys R Us adventure; which is one of our most favorite places in the whole world. The girls got a little distracted as we explored the amazing toys store and looked at all the cool toys. We actually ended up getting stuck in the barbie aisle for quite some time.

But don’t worry we ended up getting the biggest and coolest box of my little pony the movie dolls EVER! We were so excited to unbox all the my little the pony the movie characters!! We unbox of all of my favorite characters from the My Little Pony the Movie Friendship is Magic Movie.

In this set we have Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, Applejack, Big Mcintosh, Miss Pommel, Rarity, DJ Pon-3, Fluttershy, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Maude Rock Pie, Derpy Hooves (picture of a muffin)and Pinkie Pie.

Who is your favorite my little pony?

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